This is the software running on the late generation TellStick ZNet Lite and TellStick Net


This software is only supported under Linux and macOS.

Although most of the prerequisites can be installed sandboxed, locally in the project folder, there are some libraries that must exist on the system.

  • The following applications must be available:
    • python (2.7)
    • virtualenv
    • Node.js

Clone the Server code from here:


In many Linux distributions the packages for python and virtualenv already exist. On a Debian/Ubuntu based system these can be installed using this command:

sudo apt-get install python virtualenv

If virtualenv is not available on your system, you can install it with either pip or easy install:

sudo pip install virtualenv


sudo easy_install virtualenv


Pyhon is already shipped on macOS. You only need to install virtualenv using:

sudo easy_install virtualenv


To setup the source and prepare the base plugins run the following script:

./ setup

This vill create a virtualenv folder under the build folder and download and install the required libraries for running the software. The installation is completely sandboxed and nothing is installed in the system. You can wipe the build folder at any time to remove any installed packages.


Start the server by issuing:

./ run

By default the server will restart itself any time it detects a file has been modified.

Check out and follow the instructions on getting the server software running on a computer here:

After installation the tellstick server is installed without any plugins. For development the lua-plugin is a recommended plugin to install. Install it with:

./ install lua