Welcome to the TellStick developer documentation!

TellStick ZNet allows developers to build own plugins and scripts run the device to extend the functionality with features not yet supported by Telldus.

It is also possible to alter the behaviour on how TellStick ZNet should interpret signals and messages from devices.


TellStick ZNet offers two ways of integrating custom scripts. They can be written in either Python or Lua. The difference is outlined below.


Python plugins offers the most flexible solution since full access to the service is exposed. This also makes it fragile since Python plugins can affect the service negative.


Lua code is available on both TellStick Net v2 and TellStick ZNet Lite v1/v2. Lua code runs in a sandbox and has only limited access to the system.

To create a Lua script you need to access the local web server in TellStick. Browse to: http://[ipaddress]/lua to access the editor.

Lua codes works by signals from the server triggers the execution.